T704075 Push button hand dryer with hose

T704075 Push button hand dryer with hose

T704075 Push button hand dryer with hose

Hair dryers for high-traffic settings. Push button hand dryer with hose. Vandal proof porcelained steel. dim. 278x213x243h mm
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Push button hand dryer with hose

Ideal for high-traffic areas, sports facilities, gyms, swimming pools, spas and wherever there is a need to dry her hair in a practical, fast and secure.

It's a sturdy vandal proof hair dryer with steel casing and a powerful 2400 W motor, including a heating element.

Push activated, it has a double safety thermostat and a timer that allows you to adjust the device activation up to 3 minutes.

The flexible hose facilitates hair drying, especially female ones.

Famous for its performance, reliability and sturdiness, it is designed for intensive use and installed in changing rooms of sports centers, spas and manufacturing facilities

White Vandal proof porcelained steel

Total power: 1200 W - Tr min: 5.500 rpm

Supply voltage: 220 - 240 V; Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz

Air speed: 101 Km/h - Noise Level: 70 db

Functioning: push botton

Adjustable timer from 30” to 2min.30”

Flexible hose 1 mt

Electrical protection level: IPX0-CLASS I


dim. 278x213x243h mm

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