FRIX AIR NEMOX machine shreds, mixes and amalgam

FRIX AIR NEMOX machine shreds, mixes and amalgam

FRIX AIR NEMOX machine shreds, mixes and amalgam

Frix AIR SYSTEM NEMOX professionals dedicated to the kitchen to offer every day, with little effort, and a varied menu of tasty appetizers, desserts, pasta, mousses, ice creams, sorbets, ice creams, soups
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FRIX-AIR by Nemox  Made in Italy 

.... for "Frix" with imagination
mousses, sorbets, ice creams, sauces, creams, soups ....
Frix • Air is the newest professional machine NEMOX ideal for preparing (or ... "Frix") appetizers, main dishes, desserts. You get mousses, sorbets, ice creams, sauces, creams, soups, cocktails ...
Frix • air grinds, mixes and blends all the ingredients, frozen or fresh, preserving the natural taste of foods and intense, until you get a velvety texture, the ideal temperature for tasting!

Enhances the ability and imagination of the practitioner. Allows us to offer a varied menu every day and delicious.

.... in an easy, fun and fast ....

  1. With Frix • air you can work quickly and easily a wide variety of foods, which can be served immediately or used to create the most elaborate recipes.
  2. Just plug in any pre-dispensed in plastic ingredients, as desired, or by following the recipe book and cover with the lid.
  3. Place the containers in a freezer or blast chiller at a temperature of -20 ° C to obtain the freezing of the preparation.
  4. Finally, the preparation work (max. 180 g. of ingredients). For "Frix" need 1 or 2 minutes, depending on the speed selected. With the START button the process takes about 2 minutes. With FAST, the key process takes about 1 minute.
  5. The result is incredibly creamy and smooth: the temperature is ideal for use ... and it enhances the taste!

.... using the powerful NEMOX!
• The silicone gasket seals the container and a pump air is supplied at a pressure of ca. 2 bars.
• The powerful Frix • air allows high-speed rotation of the stainless steel blade.
• Two of the arms show sharp blade can mill very thin slices of frozen ingredients, the other two arms in the shape of an airplane wing, producing a dynamic system that creates, under pressure, the perfect mixing of air and ingredients. The result is creamy and velvety.

An advanced and complex system of mechanical, electrical and electronics constantly monitor and ensure the safe operation of the machine.
An easy reset system allows restarting the machine in case of operator error.

Frix • air also has a function of rinsing the blade in order to save time between preparations compatible.

  ... Including 5 single-dose containers ...

Foods should be placed in appropriate containers. The single-dose containers, made ​​of special material, can be introduced directly into the microwave and washed in the dishwasher. The use of single-dose containers Frix • air has several advantages: maximum hygiene, processing ensures that the entire portion of the cold chain is never interrupted. The small size of the containers also allows a very fast freezing, take up little space and are stackable. Immediate availability of numerous and diverse preparations. The availability of containers in different colors in compliance with HACCP standards allows the detection and easy separation of the different preparations. The potential for use in the microwave to save time and ensure maximum convenience. Thanks to the creation of a special plastic containers are dishwasher safe.

INCLUDED: 5 containers with lids, 2 container in stainless steel, stainless steel blades 2, 2 gaskets, 1 whipping blade, tool disassembles blade.

220-240V 50Hz
1 phase 120V 60 Hz
Maximum power:
600 W
Speed ​​of rotation:
2000 rpm
Air pressure:
0.5 bar
Container volume
300 cc
Max Capacity ingredients
150 cc
Housing dimensions
mm. 72 x 95 (h)
Machine dimensions
mm 205x330x495h
Machine weight
Kg 21 to 46 lb.
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